The photographic project “The Animal farm” is inspired by the homonymous satirical novel written by George Orwell in 1945: this text tells of a farm where animals, tired of the human boss’s abuses, they rebel and manage to drive him out. After a short time, the new government established by the pigs, it becomes even worse than the previous one.

Reading The Animal Farm, It was natural for me to associate with each breed of farm animal an Italian social group.

From the first time I read this story have passed twenty years, four legislatures and eight different Italian prime ministers and, despite historical and politicians changes, this novel has always being topical during this long time period. In Italy, although the social actors change over time, the management dynamics of the power and social control have always being remained the same. In our country, cyclically, an Homo Novus appears, promising changes or even a revolution, but in the end then everything remains as before: the electoral campaign period represents, in particular, the staging of this farce.

The Italian republican history is built on this paradox: the partisan war that it ended with an almost complete reintegration of the old regime apparatus, the “Revolutionaries” of ’68 who became the ruling class of the later thirty years, Tangentopoli and the second Republic. In between, crushed between the History gears, the Orwellians “docile animals”.

As written by Tomasi di Lampedusa in his novel Gattopardo: “If we want everything to remain as it is, everything has to change “.