Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell in 1944.

It deals with a farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farm owner, Mr. Jones, because of his bad behavior and because he treats his animals badly.

For a while, after the revolution, everything works great and everybody believes in this revolution.

The pigs, smarter than the other animals, don’t work: they do the thinking part, the organization, on the farm. One of them, Napoleon, is the farm leader.

Indeed, the only ones that really work are the docile animals: thanks to their labour the farm can survive.

But after few time, Napoleon and the other pigs start to take unacceptable decisions for the docile animals. Thanks to the sheep, that are repeating all day long Napoleon’s messages, after a while, the other animals, confused, accept any decisions, even the ones against their interest.

The dogs, trained and raised by pigs, maintain the order in the farm and they eliminate who is against pigs’ decisions: only wild animals are free to decide for themselves, they follow their rules.

As time past, pigs become more and more like Mr. Jones, even worst: even the neighbors of the farm, Mr Frederick and Mr Pilkington, that at the beginning of the revolution were considered enemies, now are welcome to make business with Napoleon and the other pigs.

Passed few years after the revolution, pigs controlled by Napoleon, managed the farm and the other animals are even more exploited respect when they were living under  Mr. Jones control.