One of my favorite painter is Jackson Pollock: I think he was one of the few abstract painters that was able to express chaos and so the concept of energy through its canvas.
Studying Pollock’s way of working I read in “Fractal Expressionism”, written by Richard Taylor, Adam Micolich and David Jonas, the connection between the technique of “dripping” and the Chaos Theory: the two authors explain that Pollock’s dripping technique, it recreates a whole series of different fractals.The fractal is the key element of the theory of chaotic dynamic systems.
Nature is made of fractals: the fractal is the basic geometric entity, which thanks to its caothic repetition and reproduction, creates every natural and living element. We find it every where: in a tree structure, in a development of a forest, in the creation of a mountain, but also in the way the sea erodes the coast. In winter, after a snowfall, the energy and elegance of these elements become more visible to us.