Telling an historical event is a very complex work and it is an operation load with responsibilities, especially for those who use photography. “Monte Sole parla” is the final result of a long-term project, which lasted five years, of images creation, selection and research of archival footage. The aim of the project was to narrate the historical event known as the “Massacre of Marzabotto”: a Nazi-fascist massacre that took place in September 1943, in the villages around the mountain Monte Sole, now located in the town of Marzabotto (Bologna). During the massacre more then 700 civilians were killed, mainly children and women, and the most of the villages were destroyed. Metaphorically, the mountain that was the epicentre of these tragic events, it tells and shows us what happened.

The main reason why the project took me so much time to end it, it was that more I went deeply in the history more I realized how complicated was and sometimes even not possible to tell the vastness and complexity of this event and its peculiar historical period: the fascism, the resistance, the Second World war, the status of harassment and poverty of the mountain communities and primarily the tragedy that had devastated the existence of the families were living in this area.

For this reason, “Monte Sole parla” is an open door that leads to many other stories, each one autonomous but at the same time interwoven with the other: life stories almost forgotten in the folds of History and overwhelmed by events. In “Monte Sole parla” doesn’t exist a narrative time: the past and the present are intertwined with each other until they merge.