The installation Olea is a reflection on the human conception of time.

Being able to explain what time is, it’s really complicated. For example, according to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time (and space) is perceived differently by observers in different conditions: hypothetically, each of us has his own perception of this entity.

Perhaps, the only thing that unites all human beings on this issue, it is the perception of the amount of time. The duration of an average lifetime, about seventy years, it is generally regarded as a “long time”.
However, if we consider these seven decades, in the context of the Nature’s world, these represent less than a moment: for example, mammals, species which we belong to, they were born 195 million years ago; the planet earth was created more than 5 billion years ago.

Olea, is a working in progress installation: the olive tree during its growth process, in the time of a human life, it will incorporate the copper spiral that symbolizes the cyclicality of the existence.  At this moment, the olive tree will has just completed its “infancy “.
Once the plant will be dead and decomposed, perhaps from among several centuries, it will remain the spiral of copper that it will need another long period of time before crumbling.
What for the Man is great for Nature it is little.

On the copper spiral, I engraved a memento mori from Masaccio’s Trinity: “You are what I was, you’ll be what I am”.